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Story Selling

​Sell more. By finding out your prospect's story. And your part in it. ​​
A human's attention span is now less than that of a Gold Fish.
To gain attention, you have to fight two forces​​

 1- The very short attention span of your listener                                  2- Other agencies competing for the same attention.
The brain dedicates 2/3rds of its energy for handling Visual Inputs

As humans, we are wired for the visual.  The human brain uses roughly two-thirds of its capacity to process vision and vision combined with other sensory inputs.
At the same time, you cannot merely translate your content to graphics! You still will not leave an impact. Why?
Unless you appeal to the heart and the mind, your prospects' recall will be minimal.
So, how do you gain attention? And how will you make sure that you leave an impression?


 ​Good stories touch the heart and the mind. ​​

So how do you pitch a good story? One that interests your hard-nosed prospects who are looking for the best deal?  Through Story-Selling. A method that uses the latest research in behavioral economics and neuro-sciences. So that you can deliver a message that is remembered by your prospects. And you are not treated like yet another salesperson - but as a valued advisor.

Some clients...

Client Speak
We engaged Ramesh to help us sell our strategic platform offerings more effectively. Ramesh helped us redraft our entire pitch, and coached our sales people and inside-sales people to make a differentiated pitch to our prospects. I have personally seen this work effectively when used by my team in client meetings”

​Puneet Jetli
Happiest Minds Technologies
Thank you... Your insights impacted our sales team greatly and influenced us to think differently.

The Team @

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